Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Heart Will Go On (Rose Titanic Theme) (:

At last, after an overwhelming requests for the sheet music on YouTube. Thank you guys for making it real. Thanks a lot for the continuous support. Looking forward to bringing you more sheets and tutorials in these coming months (:

Piano Sheet Music (:

Click link below to view it on Scribd.
My Heart Will Go on (Rose Titanic Theme)
Synthesia Tutorial (:

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Click Here to Download My Heart Will Go On (Rose Titanic Theme) Sheet Music.

I will create posts for people who plays my arrangement/transcriptions here. Put credits & link to this site and you will get the chance (: And do share this with friends on your facebook or twitter as a token of appreciation for my hard work (: 

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  1. what a lovely song!!!!!!!!

  2. by the way, if someone wants to download any video of synthesia's tutorial, you can downlad them from:

  3. wow i love that song u make me happy just hear the song and im thinking me in Titanicl......its realy good i make a video of that but real music sing and all ok my name acounte for youtube:
    adsmism thx make more or plz give me a music in flute ok thx and bye!

  4. Can someone put this song to where it has a key signature, bass and treble clef?

  5. Do you have midi file for this song?

  6. So beautiful, i just love it, thanks ;)

  7. Could u please upload the midi file for this song.

  8. Emannthe, I like your arrangement in E+ , then to Ab + according to the original music book. But you make some minor changes that sound perfect. I will print it out and take a look.
    How did you go about recreating your score to sythesizer screen may I ask ?

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  10. do we have to pay for the music sheet?